Reviews For Sporting News Magazine

TSN has it all.

The Sporting News covers the major sports with depth and insight. Each issue includes team reports for the NBA, MLB, and NFL. These team reports give further detail on what is happening in each team's organization. In addition, TSN covers college basketball, football, and the NHL.

TSN also has several very high quality sports writers. Dave Kindred has an article on the back page of each magazine that may make you think, laugh, cry or do all three. He is tru;y one of the best sports writers in the country.

The only complaint about TSN is their lack of NHL coverage. While MLB always has it's individual team reports, even in the off season, the NHL is slighted with a typical 3-4 pages of coverage. As a die-hard hockey fan, I would like to see more of the NHL covered.

In summary, TSN provides the sports enthusiast a magazine with excellent articles, coverage of your favorite team, and full color pictures and graphics. This is a true must have for the sports junkie.


The Sporting News Delivers

If you are a sports fan this is the magazine for you. The magazine gives in depth team coverage of all major sports all year long, unlike other magazines which focus on the sport/sports that are in season.

If you like to see weekly coverage of your sports team all year this is the magazine for you.

The weekly coverage of teams is my favorite but is only a part of what makes this magazine great. There are also great articles every week. Also there is an Inside Dish section for each of the 4 major sports. The Inside Dish gives you all the rumors and hot topics. Also college fans will be happy with this magazine it gives excellent coverage of college sports.

This magazine is just a great Sports magazines:Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, and more.

And you get this Weekly!


Top Notch Sports Info

As a long time subscriber to The Sporting News, I am glad to have a forum to give it a very positive rating.

Every week, the magazine contains an article on every major league baseball team and every NFL team. Its great to get inside information on what your favorite team is doing during the off season as well as read up on the competition thru an unbiased source. During the season they publish stats for every team and their players.

The magazine is broken into sections for every major pro sport as well as college football and college basketball when in season. Each section has at least one feature article which is well written and usually has some great photography. The preseason issues and the special events issues such as the drafts or the final four provide are some of my favorites.

I usually do not read many of the sports writers columns in the papers, but I find myself reading the last page of The Sporting News first. Dave Kindred's articles are usually very interesting.

I was a Sports Illustrated subscriber for 5 years and never read it cover to cover. With The Sporting News it is cover to cover almost every week.


Sporting News

I have been a baseball fan since the "Big Red Machine" days. I saw Ken Griffey Sr. play there, and even though us Mariner fans will miss Junior, I think its neat that he went back where his dad played. When baseball season started last year I subscribed to Sporting News after a long absence. The Griffey story is just one of many I followed in the pages of the Sporting News. This was a sad moment in sports entertainment but he will go down in history.

I had subscribed to the magazine several years ago, but didn't really like it because it seemed to be all stats. Though there are still plenty of stats there are more in-depth articles now. The magazine is printed completely in color, and has a minimum of ads. There are also some great action photos. These are just a few improvements the magazine has made. Thus to my surprise i like some of the great things they have done for special retirement issues and other great important days in the history of sports.

The magazine mainly covers pro baseball, pro basketball, pro hockey, pro football, college football, and college basketball, Hockey and Racing These are probably the sports that sell the most magazines, but I WOULD like to see a little more variety. They also give very scanty coverage to female athletes (put the Tonya Harding story to rest, please!). However I do like that when a particular sport is "in season," the most coverage is given to it. At the same time, the other sports are not left hanging; you still get to find out about the off-season drafts and trades and retirements. The feature articles, such as an in-depth article last year on Alex Rodriguez, also give personal details about the athlete besides just his stats. I enjoy these articles, particularly when the person tells what athletes and teams THEY like to watch. And another great retiremtn article from the magazine is John Elways and Michale jordans retiremtn special issue articles and magazines.

I am mostly interested in the basketball and football sections and watch certain players and teams. My favorites are not always the most popular so I am thrilled when they show up in the magazine. The magazine's willingness to cover the greats and not-so-greats is one of the aspects about the magazine that appeals to me. I will also be happy as long as they don't cover athletes that continue to commit crimes and take drugs (e.g., no "poor Darryl Strawberry" stories). This is great because they show a great mix of players such as michale jordan and new rookies such as darius miles and the most recent articles is carter really better than Jordan.

I appreciate the historic moments of sports, so have kept the magazines on the All Star Games, Wayne Gretzky's retirement, John Elway's retirement, Michael Jordans baseball career, Spurs win the NBA title, and some others. Unfortunately I let my subscription lapse at the wrong time and did not get the Dan Marino retirement issue. I love the nostalgia that goes along with sports and is preserved in this magazine. I did subscribe again though and got the Steve young retirement issue i love these magazines and will be subscribing to them more in the very near future along wiht other great sporting magazines that are out there.


The BEST Sports Mag!

When it comes to sports magazines, The Sporting News is better than any other. A few years back when I first got a subscription to The Sporting News, I also got a Sports Illustrated subscription. I knew that I'd enjoy the SI articles much more, but was I wrong or what? Sports Illustrated doesn't even compare.

The Sporting News has all the sports coverage any real sports fan needs. The articles are very in depth and deal with issues and topics in sports that the fans are truly iterested in and care about.

I especially enjoy the yearly preview issues. The College Football edition is my personal favorite. I refer back to these issues several times a year.

If you plan on purchasing or subscribing to a sports magazine, The Sporting News is the way to go.


Happy subscriber since 1976

I bought my first issue of The Sporting News back in 1976 because the cover featured Detroit Tiger rookie pitching sensation Mark Fidrych. Almost twenty-five year later, I'm still a happy subscriber. TSN best features is its weekly synopsis of every MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA teams. Player names are in bold face in these synopsis so they are a great way to quickly scan and find info on players of interest to you. TSN has coverage of the big four major sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) plus men's college football and basketball. It also mixes in some major news from other sports (golf, tennis, auto racing, etc.). Annual issues are devoted to such topics as baseball's spring training preview, NFL training camp preview, college football bowl preview, etc. All in all, if you love a wide variety of sports and a wide variety of teams, The Sporting News is the magazine for you.


The ultimate sports companion

I have never read a better sports magazine and here is why. I like it better because of one word, stats. Tired of reading long articles about such and such Russian Olympic stars daily lives and what they had for breakfast, how would you like to be able to find out the stats for any relief pitcher faster than it takes to ask the guy beside you (and he probably won't know). Not only do you get lots and lots of stats, but it comes out every week, so it is always up to date! I always take it with me to sports games, so that I can find out who that guy warming up in the bullpen is, or who the heck that is that just missed a dunk and is now unconscious on the court side. Its not just stats though, it also has lots of small articles about various stuff. My sister has a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but I proudly have a subscription to the best sports paper in existence.


I Give it a 6 out of 5

The Sporting News is a great magazine. This magazine is so under rated by everyone. The Sporting News has all the features of Sports Illustrated and more. The Sporting News is for the craziest, hardcore fans on the face of this earth. You get all the stats, all the excitement and all the same stuff as every other magzine for a little cheaper. The magazine also has great classifieds in the back which have come in very helpful for me in the past. The statistics are always right on target and they have great predictions for upcoming seasons. Sports Illustrated and Espn the magazine are similar but not quite as good.


The Sporting News wins hands down over Sports Illustrated in my book!

I've read sports magazines for years, including Sports Illustrated, and the one thing that keeps coming to mind is that the people who put these magazines together still think that men are the only people who like to follow sports. That couldn't be more untrue, especially in my case. I'm a sports writer for a smaller community newspaper in Chicago, and I also work with sports marketers. I've been a basketball fan since I was six years old and could beat most guys I know with my knowledge of sports trivia. I'd rather watch a hockey game (Go Blackhawks!) than anything else on television, and I consider a day at the United Center watching my beloved Hawks to be a perfect date. So guys, listen up: Many women like sports, too, and it's about time that you give us a little credit and acknowledgement. In the sports world, women can achieve much more than the lowly status of swimsuit model. My favorite magazine has always been The Sporting News. It gives its readers a little credit for being intelligent, and not just another pretty face.


Hand down the Best Sports Magazine around

I am a subscriber to all the major sports publications, SI,ESPN, Sporting News.

None of them are as informative or as easy to read as Sporting News. Sure SN won't have any real breaking stories on their covers like SI has every once in a while but its damn good.

I love the remaking of the magazine from the horrible version of the last 5 years. Now there is lots of actual athletes writing pieces or answering fans questions.

All in all Sporting News is a terrific read and a must have for any sports fan