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Cat lovers, you'll find helpful articles galore in Catster. This magazine is devoted to helping you care for your cat features features stories about health, training and grooming. Catster, for people interested in all phases of cat ownership, contains historical, medical, how-to, humor and first-person stories.

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Customer Reviews

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    The Best for Cat Lovers!

    I have subscribed to Cat Fancy magazine off and on for about 15 years.
    Of the several cat books out there, I've found this one to be the most informative, well written, and interesting of them all. There are many articles about health issues, new medical discoveries and problems, and information that the average cat owner would not find out otherwise.

    The pictures are colorful and high quality. If you are thinking of obtaining a particular breed of cat, you can usually find info on the breed in one of the issues.

    I think they may be just a little biased FOR THE CAT in issues like de-clawing and other questionable and unnecessary procedures,...

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    The Purrfect Catzine

    If you have ever owned a cat, you are aware of how well they really do communicate. The articles in this magazine are great. They help you with better understanding, interpreting and communicating with the little fuzz ball in your life!

    Cat Fancy is a magazine that I bought for my cat loving son when he was younger. Rob, who adores cats, would have been happier if we had thirty or forty of them, but he had to settle for the four cat limit! We currently have three cats. The photo's in this magazine were great for Rob to hang on his walls. As he got older, he appreciated the articles more (as did I) on caring for, playing with and communicating...

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    great for any any owner

    This is an excellent magazine, have been subscribing to it for over 10 years now. I save the issues, they make good reference. You never know when your cat is going to be sick and need to refer to it!

    Although I am not a vet, I often get calls from people about what to do with their kitties. I can give them sufficient advice to tell them what I think is right or wrong with their pet. Of course, I tell them to bring kitty to vet - what doctor says usually reinforces what I said!

    It is also good to read to learn about a different breed every month, to see what is good about them. I have only owned mixed breed cats but enjoy looking at...

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