Reviews For Catster Magazine

The Best for Cat Lovers!

I have subscribed to Cat Fancy magazine off and on for about 15 years.
Of the several cat books out there, I've found this one to be the most informative, well written, and interesting of them all. There are many articles about health issues, new medical discoveries and problems, and information that the average cat owner would not find out otherwise.

The pictures are colorful and high quality. If you are thinking of obtaining a particular breed of cat, you can usually find info on the breed in one of the issues.

I think they may be just a little biased FOR THE CAT in issues like de-clawing and other questionable and unnecessary procedures, and I like that.

To sum up, I think Cat Fancy is one of the best mags available, and if you love your cat, or want a cat to love, it would behoove you to do as much research as possible, and this is an easy and fun way to do it!


The Purrfect Catzine

If you have ever owned a cat, you are aware of how well they really do communicate. The articles in this magazine are great. They help you with better understanding, interpreting and communicating with the little fuzz ball in your life!

Cat Fancy is a magazine that I bought for my cat loving son when he was younger. Rob, who adores cats, would have been happier if we had thirty or forty of them, but he had to settle for the four cat limit! We currently have three cats. The photo's in this magazine were great for Rob to hang on his walls. As he got older, he appreciated the articles more (as did I) on caring for, playing with and communicating with the "babies" of the house.

Over the years, Cat Fancy has covered tips for people wanting to keep pets off furniture, advocating for pet rights (another big issue for Rob), medical information about how your cats body differs from the human systems, animal research and product testing - leading to more than one product being banned from our everyday lives.

I still pick up issues occasionally for Rob and always try to include them as stocking stuffers.

For tips, updates on toys and providing your cat with the best lifestyle possible - pick up a copy today!


great for any any owner

This is an excellent magazine, have been subscribing to it for over 10 years now. I save the issues, they make good reference. You never know when your cat is going to be sick and need to refer to it!

Although I am not a vet, I often get calls from people about what to do with their kitties. I can give them sufficient advice to tell them what I think is right or wrong with their pet. Of course, I tell them to bring kitty to vet - what doctor says usually reinforces what I said!

It is also good to read to learn about a different breed every month, to see what is good about them. I have only owned mixed breed cats but enjoy looking at the pictures. One of my favorites is seeing what the readers send in, they are good for a good laugh and amusement.

I also like reading about other issues such as how a pet has enriched someone's life. Pets are definitely enriching and am often touched by how they literally take over our lives.

In addition, there are product reviews, book reviews, and of course many ads in the back for different things we didn't know existed but can no longer live without!


The Best for Cat Lovers!

There are many magazines for pet lovers, but for my money "Cat Fancy" is the best for cat lovers. Each magazine contains a Breed Profile, cat health tips-including a section called Ask the Vet, psychiatric advice-called Cats on the Couch, information on how you can help Homeless Animals, several main stories and much more.
The Breed Profile always includes information on the Breed's temperament, appearance, history and potential health problems. For people who show cats, the Breed Profiles also include showing information and Associations dedicated to that breed. Anyone considering acquiring a cat of a pure breed can find out all about it by reading the Breed Profile.
In the health sections, people can learn about their cat's problems or potential problems. Readers often write letters saying they realized one of their cats had a health problem because of an article they read in "Cat Fancy". The Ask the Vet section takes questions from subscribers and answers them in an understandable and knowledgeable fashion. These sections should not be used as a substitute for a vet, but certainly can be useful. For example, a recent article suggested ways of making your senior cat's life more comfortable.
The Cats on the Couch gives advice on how to deal with behavioral problems. Some of their advice I take with a grain of salt, but it can also be useful. For example, one Cats on the Couch mentioned how to make traveling with your cat easier on both of you.
One of my favorite parts is Serving Animals, which always discusses programs designed to help homeless or abused animals. If you are looking for a worthy organization to support or volunteer with, this section makes many suggestions. It is also heartening to realize how many people want to serve animals.
The main articles cover a diversity of topics, from endangered big cats to legal issues to celebrity cats. You can always count on an interesting or useful main articles. A recent article discusses wrestlers who help cats.
"Cat Fancy" includes many other features, including my favorite the Gallery, which contains comic pictures of cats. The magazine also includes a part for kids, which makes it accessible for children.
I subscribe to "Cat Fancy" for all these reasons and because I feel I may read something that someday may benefit both me or my cats. Other magazines may contain good information, but no other contains the plethora of fun and fact of this magazine.


The Cat's Meow

As a zoology student and avid cat fancier I have been a long time subscriber to Cat Fancy magazine. After receiving my first issue of Cat Fancy I was hooked, I expectantly look forward to the next issue every month. Why? Well all issues of Cat Fancy magazine include feline healthcare tips, breed profiles, lists of upcoming cat shows, important cat related news, feline related book releases, breeder's directory, and a special section for children to contribute stories about their felines.
Cat Fancy runs the gamut on information on feline healthcare. An interested owner can learn anything from de-worming their kitten to helping their senior cat live a healthier and safer life. If your tabby is flabby, Cat Fancy can help, they provide dietary tips and even provide illustrations on what is considered an emaciated cat to an obese cat.
Cat Fancy often focuses on the importance of proper grooming techniques and procedures. As a former pet groomer, the importance of proper grooming for any cat is vivid. An improperly groomed animal can easily mat which will cause discomfort, pain and anger on the animal's behalf. Cat Fancy can help the inexperienced individual deal with grooming any cat's coat, from a Persian to a Sphinx.
Yet, Cat Fancy indulges in fun and games as well. Every issue contains the comic strip Sadie about a Siamese and her feline siblings, as well as various pictures of subscriber's cats.
For anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the feline species, I strongly recommend Cat Fancy magazine.


funny cat

I think that this magazine is really funny! It has a lot of pictures of cats sitting around on fancy sofas and things like that. It also has a lot of good information on how to treat your cat for illnesses and things like that. It also lists many stores where you can buy supplies for your cat! If you buy this magazine you will learn a lot and you can also look at the funny and silly pictures of fat cats! If you buy this magazine your cat will love you and will be very very happy, you know! Happy reading!


Dealing with Cat Dependency

Cat Fancy contains articles written by professionals regarding health issues. There are articles about all different breeds of cats and there are heartfelt stories about many of our furry friends. Great serious and useful up-to-date articles, lots of pictures, kid stuff and humorous stories. A subscription is a great gift for your cat loving friends who are owned by cats (much more appreciated than an ugly stuffed cat from the flea martket). Ours usually lands in the bathroom where everyone can read it. My daughter-in-law asked why she never saw this magazine in the ones I pass on to her.....I had to confess that I keep them for at least a couple of years.


The Cats Meow!!!

We have been subscribing to Cat Fancy for about three years as we have three felines in our household. This magazine is filled with suggestions for caring for cats, watching for medical problems, when to call a vet and when to care for the problem yourself.

There are many articles on pedigree cats, which are interesting and good, but not of the utmost interest to us our cats are three wonderful strays 13 years, 10 years and 5 years. The magazine talks about visits to the vets, the best cat foods, adjustments cats have to make just like humans.

One article I particularly enjoyed spoke about taking your cat on trip with you and how to prepare the hotel room so your pet feels at home.. I had never thought about taking my pet on trips with me before and have never tried it, but it was an interesting concept.

Have not read any other cat magazines to make a comparison, but am happy with this one as I feel it is very comprehensive in its coverage.

Look forward to receiving my monthly publication. Get really excited when a cat looking like one of mine is featured. Theirs are pedigreed and mine are 'street cats'!!!! Look pretty much the same to me. None of them think they're really cats - they're humans with fir covering. Boo to the brunette bomb, or whatever her name is!


Best for Cat People.

I am a cat person and have been for many years. I like being around cats, reading about cats, and looking at cats. Cat Fancy fulfills two of those three joys in my life. As for being around cats my work with fostering orphaned kittens, caring for strays, and my own cats covers that quite well.

I buy this magazine because I love cats. I also buy this magazine for the quality of the articles. I save every issue in a special case for magazines as I refer to them quite often as information is needed. I always read them cover to cover though when I get one.

Some of my favorite articles have been:

Baby On The Way?: Why you don't have to give up your cat.
What your cat needs for a healthy coat.
Why Cats Overgroom
Why Cats go crazy for Catnip
Guide to spay/neuter surgeries
Do antibreeding laws work?
How to help a scaredy cat
Polydactyls: cats with extra toes
Caring for a blind cat
How to photograph your cat
How to get more from your vet visits
Knowing when to call the vet
Is your cat stressed out?
How to care for a deaf cat
Living with more than one cat
Should your cats eat table scraps
How to care for your older cat
Moving Day: Helping your cat adjust.

That was just a few of my favorite articles from past issues. I also like that every month they feature a new cat breed and include a centerfold picture of that cat breed. Now that is my kind of pin-up LOL.

Some of the other categories of this magazine are:

In the Mail: Users write in their comments here and can also send a picture of their cat{s} if relevant to the letter.

Editor's Notebook: This has new notes from the editor every month. One of the saddest months for me was when I realized that the creator behind the wonderful cartoon Ah Poo was no longer going to be able to created because the author, Mij Colson-Barnum was too ill to continue the cartoon. I am so glad I kept my back issues especially after reading this.

Feline Friends: This is where you can send in a story about your cat. Also you must include one or two great photos.

Cat Newsline: This section covers what is new in the world of cats. This is one section I skim and then read the headlines that catch my interest.

Ask the Vet: Here you can write in questions you may have about your cats health. If your question is selected it will be printed along with an answer in the next issue.

Gallery: One of my favorite parts. People send in pictures of their cats with a caption to go with it. I really enjoy seeing other cats from around the country.

Cat Fancy also has:

Book Reviews
Show Calendar
Breeder Directory
Classified Cat

The pictures in this magazine are always stunning. I wish I could get my cats to pose like that. I find the layout appealing and it is easy to read. I also enjoy that the ads in this magazine are completely relevant to cats. That really sets it apart.

I have convinced myself with my own review. LOL. It has been a few months since I last bought an issue so I guess it is time to catch up. :)


Learn To Treat Your Cat Like Royalty!

I really enjoy Cat Fancy. I have read several issues, and have learned many different things about my cat, or just cats in general. I love to see the pictures of other people's cats, and to read specific articles that pertain to health of your cat, nutrition, traveling, and just learning to relate better with a cat.

It sounds pretty funny, trying to relate better to your cat, but it's possible. I have become closer with my cat ever since I read an article about massaging a cat. Then again, that sounds pretty funny, but the advantages to this are phenomenal.

I have a scaredy cat, she takes off at the slightest piercing noise to her fragile ears. Since I have started to massage her, her anxieties seem less, and her loving nature has increased quite dramatically. She never lets me hold her for longer than a few seconds, this was ever since she was six weeks old. I am able to carry her around the house longer, without her squirming for her freedom. I think she's claustrophobic, she would get that from me.

There are a lot of things I have noticed about my cat, how much she sounds like me when I call her name and she meows back. Ever since she was little, I always talked to her in a very high pitched voice, and that's how she responds. She does not have a voice very often, but when she does, her pitch is almost exactly the same as mine with her.

I read an article in Cat Fancy about how similar cats are to their owners. I have always believed this to be true. It may sound silly, but my cat "SKY" is a very good judge of character, if she doesn't like you for some reason, she's right to feel that way, because not everyone likes cats. She can tell who those people are.

She used to be very afraid of taller people, and she would run, now she is used to people who are way off the ground to her, ever since my boyfriend started showing her attention, she started giving it back. It's interesting to learn different things about my cat, therefore, I also go into the Cat Fancy website, since the magazine is not real easy to find.

I have mostly seen Cat Fancy in Pet Smart, and every time I go in, I buy an issue, to read about my feline friend. She shows me love unconditionally, and I want to protect her in every way possible. The first way I do this, is by keeping her in the house all the time. I know she probably wants to run free, however, if she were to do that where I stay now, she'd have no chance against the stray cats I see every day.

If I could take them into my home, I would. The illnesses frighten me the most. I don't know how many stray cats I have seen within one year, but I know it seems like I see a new one almost every day, and an old one disappears each day. I hardly see the same cat twice within a week. That makes me angry because nobody does anything about it. I wonder how many I previously saw, have died from drinking antifreeze, or eating something rotten in the trash. They are struggling to survive, you can tell just by looking at their frazzled coats and lost eyes.

They look as if they are unhappy, and I barely see them play. I wonder how many more will disappear today. Ok, I've gotten off the subject, but don't hold it against me, I haven't had the chance to write about this yet, and it's been on my mind a while.

I will always care about cats, being an only child makes you appreciate animals you have much more in my opinion, because when I couldn't bond with humans, I always had a friend in my cat or dog growing up. My cat now, even knows when I'm coming up the stairs into the house, and she waits for me there every day. What human being shows that much attention, affection, and comprehension, when you're feeling low. A cat knows, just like a dog, when something's wrong, and they will usually get into the middle of it.

I will continue to read the Cat Fancy magazine, and continue to learn, and continue to respect "SKY". Even though she trips me when she's hungry, or knocks perfume off the counter whne she wants me to wake up, or lays in the middle of the floor to let me know either she wants to be massaged, or play, or gets sick from eating too much. It takes some patience to own a cat, but the rewards are enjoyable and everlasting.