Reviews For Archaeology Magazine

A Truly Interesting Collection of Our Ancestor's Leftovers

This magazine has beautiful pictures, and follows in the National Geographic tradition of covering all the details and providing the readers with glorious maps, drawings, photographs, and interesting little tidbits that make it wonderful.
Archaeology also covers a wide variety of topics, all within the field of archaeology (of course). Yet, it branches out and reaches into the vaults of knowledge from more specialized fields, such as paleontology and paleoanthropology. One of the most interesting issues that I have purchased was, in fact, on the many theories of the evolution of humankind, and all the newly discovered hominid fossils that question these theories.
If you're "into" archaeology, anthropology, or anything related, you would get a lot of information out of this magazine. It's also a great reference for current research and discoveries, and can make a great current event article for students.


Definately worth it.

If you like to learn or read about ship wrecks, icemen or buried cities I think you will enjoy Archeology. It is a good magazine. I really enjoyed the articles about Napoleon in Egypt, and the valley of the lost mummies. They talk about very interesting things, findings etc. There are a lot of full color photos and even a map or two here and there.

My only complaint would be that some of the articles are very short.

It is good enough that I will renew when the time comes. I guess that is the most important review.


Very Enjoyable - Well Worth the Purchase

If you are not a professional archaeologist, but interested in archeology, this is the magazine for you. It covers all areas of archeology and is written in an interesting, but technically comprehensible manner. I look forward to each issue.

Love this magazine

I have wanted to be an archaeologist since I was a child. That dream never panned out for me, but I can feed my interest with Archaeology magazine. Great reading, and easily understandable by the layman with minimal knowledge. I just wish it was cheaper and came once a month instead of quarterly. It's kind of high priced for only 4 issues, but what price can you put on scholarship? LOL.