Reviews For Writer's Journal Magazine

hardly no advertiseing

I actually like this magazine. Not only does it give you information on publishing the traditional way it also gives you information on self publishing. seems alot of the other magazines shy away from that route. I also love the fact you can find the articles because they arent hidden whithin all the advertisements the other magazines have. This magazine also has lots of different competitions for writers. Lots of different subject matter also. just my two cents.

How can a magazine about writing be so poorly written?

The quality of the writing in this publication is highly inconsistent. There are feature articles that are amateurishly written, poorly structured and unfocused. The writers thrust themselves into the articles with embarrassing regularity, rabbitting on about irrelevant and indulgent personal information. Poorly edited, with boring introductory paragraphs and horrible layout and design. This is a lesson on how NOT to write, edit and produce a publication.