Reviews For Working Mother Magazine

A Working Mom's Must Have

I have subscribed to this magazine for the past 5 years- since my daughter was born. I love the articles and it really makes me feel good about being a working mom!Mommy's High Heel Shoes

Good articles

I find that this magazine has a lot of informative articles and provides plenty of information for working mothers, regardless of what industry one may be employed in. It is nice to have a magazine that targets the working professional who juggles home, career and family!

Not what I was looking for...

I would hoping this magazine would be something helpful to us "average" working mothers (read: not high-ups in a big corporation). I would love to read articles on time management, handling guilt, finding a good daycare, etc. Instead, this magazine prints lots of articles on what other companies are doing that's great for working moms (good for them, what does that help me?) and profiles women who make 6-figure salaries while raising kids. I'm sure there's a target audience out there who like this magazine, but it sure isn't me. Let me emphasize, too, that I'm not the mom who hates her job but works to put foot on the table. I like my job and choose to work, but I just don't find this magazine helpful or interesting at all. Highly disappointing.


Everyone asked me to subscribe to Working Mothers magazine as I am a working mother. Its overrated magazine, The articles are not inspiring. Except for parents to get understanding on what new commercial products are out there, dont buy this one.It has more ads then the content. If this magazine is for free, I would get one, but not worth paying it.

Waste of time and money

The first few I got, I flipped through in less than 15 minutes. There wasn't much that interested me. It's geared toward high-paid executives. There was a lot of profiles of moms that didn't help me at all. Even though I got this magazine at a discount, I wish I hadn't have wasted my money. I now flip through in less than a few minutes and then trash it.

Not Useful At All

I've read the past 6 or 7 issues of this magazine because they subscribe to it at the office where I work. It's definitely not worth paying for.

They LOVE to highlight corporations who are helping working mothers and it often comes across as just free publicity for these companies. It's great that these companies are supporting working women, but not all of us working moms work there, so what's the point?

They also spend time each magazine highlighting certain working moms, but personally, I've never been able to relate to the women they highlight. Another reviewer commented that it's women making 6 figures, and I highly doubt that's the average American working mom. I guess this magazine is targeted to a specific type of audience, that just doesn't include me.

Skip this one and stick with the other parenting magazines for more useful info. This one just doesn't have all the much for the average working mom.

Garbage, eco-terrorists

I'm a single, 30 year old male and have never subscribed to this nonsensical trash. They send me not one but two of these magazines - 8 times a year. I've pleaded with them to stop killing trees by sending this garbage, but every month or so, it arrives. Please go out of business already.