Reviews For Whole Living Magazine

ClubHouse Magazine is cool

One Grandma ordered this magazine for my boys and the other ordered the Highlight magazine. My kids look at the back cover of Highlights for the hidden word game and never look at it again. They have read the Clubhouse magazine from cover to cover several times. They also actively save the Clubhouse magazine.

Great for ever Christrian Tween!

The review was written by a real tween girl. This is a great magazine for every tween. Clubhouse has every thing for everybody. It has cool Christian comics, nice pictures and has easy to understand stories. It also has reviews from a Christian perspective about media you see daily, from the Jonas Brothers to newest movies and CDs. I do recommend Clubhouse for advanced 9 year olds to 13 years. The magazine even has cool stories with more than one ending. You chose the ending you like! Clubhouse is a fun to find in the mail.

Pretty good! ....for a magazine

My family has been getting this magazine ever since I can remember, and I liked it. But it started to change over the years, and I think the biggest change was the comics. It used to be Noah Vale, which was funny, but it had to stop when the 'bad' kid got saved, so they switched to Johnny Bravo, a si fi. Then that ended because the evil guy got defeated, so now it is some rat.
The jokes are corny, and the games are weak, but I think this magazine would be excelant for 8-10 year olds. But if you're more interested in the older stuff, get the other ones.

pretty good magazine

This is a pretty good magazine. You should probably be 8-12. No younger and maybe a year older. In this issue it had stuff all by kids (except the cover) games, crafts, stories, recipies, real stories that happened to them, jokes and stuff. this magazine may not be worth [...], but it is still pretty good.

Okay, I THINK that I am a little ttttooooo old for this

I originally got Clubhouse Jr, when I was about 7, maybe 6, and I think that I liked it at the time. Then when I was about 9 I switched to Clubhouse. Now I am 12, and VERY mature for my age, (at least thats what every one tells me) and I am SO bored when I get it and can't wait to switch to Brio. I look through it to the art pages and then to the Ask Away section and then I throw it away. I WOULD HOWEVER, recommend it to kids up to the age of 10, maybe even 11, but, being a 12 year old girl, I am more interested in the topics that Brio covers, and not about pet rat comics and stories about how little Sally is sad because she has no friends. But it is good, and I did have 2 things published in it over the past few years.