Reviews For V-Twin Magazine

Great Magazine

A must for all motorcyclists and anyone who watches the "V-TWIN" TV series.

Delivery Time is Slow

I've purchased this magazine off the shelf before, and I'm happy with it, but it's been over a month since I made the purchase, and I still don't have the first issue.

Maxim for Motorcycles

This magazine is published by the same people that brought us Maxim. So if you like Maxim, check it out. If you don't: pass. The pictures are slick, models are attractive, but there is little in the way of information on how to do it yourself or what was actually done to the bike. It is basically a picture book. If you are looking for technical articles, how tos or performance installs; check out Road Bike for metrics or Hot Bike or American Iron for Harleys and Victory's.

brag rag

i need, i saw, i buy, i could of lots done better


Bad service- mal servicio

Estoy muy decepcionado de esta compra, solo me la cobraron y nunca se recibió nada en el POBOX, ya hace un año de esta compra y ni siquiera recibí el primer número.
He tratado de hacer algunas preguntas al proveedor y solo me dan algín numero para llamar pero ninguna solución.