Reviews For Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Most traditional aquarium magazine.

I've been reading TFH Mag. since I was a kid. At that time it used to show articles on reptiles, frogs, etc. Fortunantly it got even better when it became am exclusively aquarium fish Magazine again. Besides it's a complete magazine, it delivers international subscriptions, so I could have mine here in Brazil. It covers every aspect of fish care, aquarium maintance, new species, diseases, aquarium display, etc. It worths every dime you spend on it. The best thing is that you can keep old issues, as I do, because they are always useful. Go ahead, you wont regret.

Great magazine for all levels of hobbiest.

I have read TFH magazine for several years and have found it to be an excellent periodical about aquaria. It tries to accomodate all levels of hobbiests and I think it succeeds. It covers saltwater, reefs, freshwater and has special sections such as Discus questions or questions from children. I've yet to be disappointed with an issue. They are great to keep and go back to later for information on particular species.

Excellent Mag.

This is a must get magazine. Most aquaic information is provided and it is worth every cent. The delivery of Tropical Fish Hobbyist is more than better. Unlike other companies, tfh mail it in with plastic wrapping to prevent any damage. I really recommend this magazine.

my humble thought's

I really like the great articles concerning the scientific exploration in various parts of the world and the continued search of tropical freshwater fish. Their newest addition is the livebearer section which TFH is now adding to their brilliant magazine.

A great read in every issue!

I enjoy reading this magazine as it covers both saltwater and freshwater topics. The articles cater towards beginners as well as advanced hobbyists. The content is never boring. It covers a vast array of topics from fish health and diagnosis, compatibility and care to interesting tales of travel to different parts of the world where exotic freshwater and saltwater species are investigated in their natural environments. The color photography is fantasic and the writing is clear and easy to understand. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this is one magazine that will peak your interest with every issue. Enjoy!

TFH Magazine

This has ALWAYS been my favorite in the fish info. industry. It has always been informative and interesting and has always included some interesting pictures. When I have had trouble finding information on certain fish TFH has been there to cover them. A truly valuable magazine for any serious fish hobbyist.

The Definitive Aquarium Hobby Magazine

I have been reading TFH for about thirty years, and it is by far the most comprehensive magazine resource for the advanced hobbyist. It costs a little more than the others, but it attracts the best authors and the photography is stunning. The editors take a more scientific slant than that offered in the two other popular Aquarium magazines, and though I subscribe to all three, TFH captures most of my attention. If you are a serious aquarium keeper, or want to become one, you have to check out this fine magazine.

Great magazine

This magazine is no doubt the best aquarium magazine in the world. not only does it have clear and understandable information for the beggining and advanced hobbyist, but it's articles cover brand new things, aquarium news, fish profiles, that no other can match. For this reason, i humbly reccomend tropical fish hobbyist.

Not worth it for a Marine Fishkeeper

First the positive. This magazine is well laid-out and has good photography for the most part. The articles are informative. There are enough reviews on here extolling the virtues of this magazine, so let me tell you the downside.

First, if you have saltwater aquariums you will find this magazine a disappointment as I have. The majority of the articles are for freshwater aquariums and ponds. I got this magazine for a year, and in that time found a handful of articles that were worthwhile for me as a marine fishkeeper. Needless to say, I won't be resubscribing. Of the saltwater articles they did have, many of them covered rare and hard-to-find species, and species that are hard to take care of. So again, not a lot of relevancy to most of us saltwater enthusiasts.

My other main problem with the magazine is that it uses the scientific names of fish almost exclusively. Now, I myself am a scientist, and there is no argument that scientific names are the most accurate and descriptive, however the title of the magazine is Tropical Fish HOBBYIST. The use of the scientific name and classification might be useful ONCE in the article, but after that becomes very cumbersome to read. There were many articles in which the common name of the fish was never used at all, and one had to rely on one of the pictures or a guidebook to even find out what fish they were talking about. If the goal of the articles is to communicate with the reader, then I don't think they're meeting that goal.

Another minor complaint is that while the photographs that are there are good, they do not provide illustrations of all the fish discussed in the article.