Reviews For Trail Runner Magazine

Should be called "Trail Racer"

I have been a runner for 15+ years and got into trail running about 8 years ago. I originally subscribed to Trail Runner because I was looking for a magazine to give me some great trail destinations, some solid shoe reviews (other gear is just details), and some good motivational writing.

The Good:
The editors and writers for Trail Runner are clearly a dedicated group of runners. They write some engaging articles and do a fine job of putting a magazine together. The magazine is not overwhelmed with advertisements (like other running mags), but does have a few. The photos printed in the magazine are nothing short of inspirational. And, there are stories occasionally which fit my reading interests (destinations, shoes, motivational).

The Bad:
The magazine has a very strong focus on trail races. The majority of the destinations which are featured are races ("beta" for races). The individuals who are interviewed are all racers and the interviews focus on racing/training/recovery. There is a real lack of information for those who like to enjoy trail runs and are not training for an upcoming ultra.

This is not a "bad" magazine. As far as the editing and layout go, it is a well-done publication. However, the title is misleading. "Trail Racer" would be a perfect title for this magazine. "Trail Runner" sells it a little broader than it is usually focused. For now, I won't be renewing my subscription. But, I will be checking in on it from time-to-time to see if the focus corrects itself.