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The Writer

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Each month, The Writer Magazine delivers inspiration to both novice and experienced writers. Professionals and famous authors provide tips and practical, step-by-step solutions to help overcome writing problems. Additionally, readers can benefit from before-and-after examples of improved writing. The hands-on advice found in The Writer Magazine will boost any writer to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

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    An Excellent Resource For Writers

    "The Writer" is the premier magazine for writers of all varieties. Kalmbach is known for publishing a great series of specialty periodicals, and this one is extremely well written and edited, as is appropriate for the subject matter.

    The magazine is best for aspiring writers of fiction, with the clear majority of column inches. Poetry is also covered well, and nonfiction (my area of interest), while covered, is definitely in third place. In the end, though, most techniques for fiction also help nonfiction authors and vice-versa: I read every issue cover to cover regardless of area of concentration because I have gleaned some of the best tips...

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    The Best Magazine for Writers

    I've been a freelance writer since 1996, and every month I look forward to reading the next issue of The Writer. It's a magazine that shows you how to write better, how to get published, and how to stay inspired. The interviews with top writers are great, and I love the reviews of books about writing. The hour or so I spend reading each issue is among the best time I ever spend. If you're a writer, you should subscribe immediately.

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    This Is The One To Buy

    The Writer is the best of the four magazines on writing I have read over the past couple years. The quality of articles, the focus on the writing craft is superior to others that are available in the market. I look forward to each issue arriving in my mailbox.

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