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Tampa Bay

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Our mission at Tampa Bay Magazine is to entertain and inform our reads about the wonders of Tampa Bay. Our editorial features have a local focus, thus allowing our advertisers to get the most from their advertising dollars. Tampa Bay Magazine continually changes its editorial focus so as not to limit our options. We take great pride in offering our readers fresh, current subject matter in each issue.

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Customer Reviews

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    don't bother

    Really, don't. Same old stuff every issue...given that you ever find the 'articles' of course, through countless pages of ads that don't do anything but turn the consumer away. I made the mistake of subscribing when I moved here last year. I now have other local mags I much prefer as representative of this thriving Bay area. - Francis J. Carnegie, Avila.

    • Rating
    Substance-less magazine with way too many ads!

    If you're looking for a bunch of useless fluff and want to look at nothing but advertisements, then I would highly recommend this mullet wrapper.
    It is a big waste of money to purchase Tampa Bay Magazine. I'm sure it would look better lining the bottom of a parakeet page than on your coffee table.
    The editor, Aaron Fodiman, obviously has a HUGE ego. He doesn't come across as sincere, rather he comes across as an arrogant, pompous ass that would back-stab you in a heart beat!
    I found my copy of Tampa Bay Magazine in a pile of garbage, right where it belongs. I'm just sorry that I picked it up in the first place. What a pant-load of nonsensical...

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