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Sun Magazine

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Features stories you will not find in any other publication. Each issue delivers amazing stories about ordinary people, as well as predictions for the future.

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Customer Reviews

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    A draught of vintage that hath been cool'd a long age in the deep-delved earth

    Trying to describe The Sun using conventional terms and definitions really won't work, because it defies what one would normally expect from a magazine. When I go looking for a magazine, I expect to find a lot of articles that are informative about something in particular, and generally follow a theme. In some senses, The Sun follows these guidelines, however, in so many more ways it just defies them completely.

    The big difference between The Sun and your conventional magazine is that this one doesn't dedicate itself to one form of expression. The typical issue will contain many different forms of expression, from straight out prose, to an interview,...

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    Sunlight Dispersing Shadows

    Every slim, noncommercial issue of The Sun arrives quietly cloaked in an understated mostly black and white cover, ready to inspire and often move the reader in ways no other publication can.

    The Sun addresses, through essays, poems, photographs and letters, issues that although universal in basis inspire controversy and often anger. In the past year the writings have touched on euthanasia, miscarriage, pollution and dark futurism, and mental illness, to name a few. Often the material can be troubling, and sometimes cathartic. On more than one occasion I have found the writings contained here have helped me sort out my own feelings on an issue or...

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    a shining star!

    The Sun is the best literary magazine I have ever seen. The authors change with each issue, other than the editor's contributions, but the quality stays the same: Great!
    There's a good mix of long and short works, and b & w photography, and my favorite part of the magazine is called Readers Write. They choose a subject for each issue (several months ahead of time) and all sorts of people send in their short pieces written with that topic in mind. They publish a good number of these, and it's always really engaging, fascinating, and human stuff. The Sun is one of the only magazines I've consistently read from cover to cover, every time.

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