Reviews For Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine

A Magazine Like No Other

I enjoy my subsprciption to Ornament the way I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, National Geographic Magazine. Having titled this review "A Magazine Like No Other", I find that I am compelled to add, "except National Geographic". Why would I liken these two magazines to each other? Each studies the world around us, and the fascination of it, in new, surprising ways.

This magazine, Ornament, is a magazine of great beauty. However, it is not a stuffy magazine; it takes chances that you, the reader, will be open to accepting that this great beauty can be found in all sorts of new and different places.

This magazine is an exciting and encouraging magazine, which makes you want to think. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Stunning Imagery of Very Leading Edge Wearable Art

Of the magazines which deal with Wearable Art, this is the one which has the best pictures. That is of crucial importance in a magazine covering the visual arts. I always enjoy thumbing through this magazine numerous times. I read the articles here and there but it is the images which draw me. The fashion is very high end, leading edge and avant garde, as is the art jewelry. If your taste runs to more traditional clothing and jewelry, then this magazine is probably not for you. A lot of the pieces are very sculptural and make a statement. If you are worried about getting your coat over a necklace in here or a glove over a ring, again this may not be for you. If you like couture fashion, then I think this is right up your alley.

WOW... THE best art mag

It doesn't get any better! I just ordered 5 years of back issues!