Reviews For Sparkle World Magazine

Great for little girls!

My 7 year old girl loves getting those in the mail. She can read the stories, color, do puzzles, write, draw, use recipes for making fruit desserts, play games etc. They also come with stickers. The magazine is colorful & has Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie, Moxie girlz, My little pony, Rainbow magic Polly, Angelina Ballerina, & lots of other lovable characters.
But I found a better price shopping on-line. It takes a few weeks to be delivered for the first time.
My daughter loves it!

Great mag, but cheaper elsewhere

My 4 year old LOVES this magazine. There are so many fun things for her in it. If you search the internet a bit, you will find this much cheaper at other sites. ([...])


My daughter loves getting this in the mail every couple of months. There are so many different things to do in the magazine that it will keep her busy. There are stories and activities. She loves to see all of her favorite characters in one book.