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Soap Opera Weekly

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Who's getting married, divorced, having a baby, cheating, backstabbing or otherwise plotting--on screen or off? Here's how to find out. Providing a regular infusion of soapy scoops, Soap Opera Weekly is for people who are passionate about their soaps. Each issue is packed with page after page of full color photos, tasty gossip, summaries of the recent shows and storyline predictions.

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Customer Reviews

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    The Best Soap Mag. for the Buck

    This has been my favorite soap magazine since the day it hit the stands.It has always been priced lower than the others, but has slowly been creeping up to them.
    This magazine is for the die hard fans. The articles are always well written. They have in-depth interviews with the stars. They let you know what will happen on your show before it does happen. Also lets you know who is coming on to the show, and who is leaving.
    They have wonderful pictures. Also a fashion page. Once in a while they list the entire cast of every soap.
    They also have a section that lets you know where the stars are appearing, whether it be other television shows, theater,...

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    A Weekly Dose of Suds

    Being a soap opera junkie - I'm up to taping 4 a day, I like to stay informed of all the latest soap happenings. While there are a variety of soap magazines to help me do this, none do it better and more consistently than Soap Opera Weekly.

    Consistency - Soaps are covered fairly, accurately and leave you with just enough information to be caught up but leave you breathless in anticipation to tune in tomorrow, no matter what you watch. It is not biased towards Days, GH, or any of the others that garner big numbers. It covers everyone.

    Informative - Ever wonder what the stars are really like when the cameras stop rolling? Soap Opera Weekly...

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    Love Spoilers?

    This is THE best soap opera magazine on the market. It's large size allows them to cover a lot of information. The spoilers, previews, news, articles, letters, and other columns can't be beat.

    Although you'll find high-quality positive reporting in Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly offers some excellent articles on a consistent basis. The photos that go along with the spoiler articles are great. Each show is covered on a regular basis and stories are featured on all the shows in an even manner.

    The only thing I dislike about Soap Opera Weekly is it's editorial style. I find the editorials to be more negative than they should be....

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