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Looking to increase your wealth and plan for the future? SmartMoney, published monthly by the Wall Street Journal, is your key towards unlocking the full potential of your investments and financial planning. Expert analysis from top journalists and business professionals give you a leg-up on the tough competition, better positioning you for the times ahead.

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Customer Reviews

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    Smart Money, Smart Editor!

    This is the only personal finance magazine I continue to subscribe to today. At one point 2 or 3 years ago, I was receiving at least 8 other similar-yet-just-different-enough publications. In my usual way, I was taking my personal education in all things financial to excessive lengths. A good question to ask would be, after letting all those others lapse, why the continued interest in, and commitment to, this one?

    For me, each issue of Smart Money seems to be a healthy and very well-balanced serving of personal finance and investing information. It is not the "smartest" of the magazines I was reading, nor is it the "dumbest"....

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    A Better Option- Why Spend The Money When....

    I am a faithful SmartMoney reader and think it is one of the more useful financial magazines around. However, rather than spending whatever it costs to subscribe/buy at the book stand, I read SmartMoney online. The information is virtually identical to what you get from the magazine and it is free.

    SmartMoney is a great read because they break a difficult subject down to laymen's terms. For instance, the charts and screening methods that they utilize are virtually incomprehensible to those outside of the financial world. However, SmartMoney breaks down the screening devices and tells you what they are looking for and what they found, rather than...

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    From a college student who studies investments to a professional broker, I believe a wide array of people would profit from reading Smart Money. You may not always agree with their advice but their reasoning is always interesting and it is presented in a bright, fresh manner. Investment professionals commentary is included. I look forward to each issue because each one focuses on a new issue. The most recent one was on 401K's, and most people do have 401Ks even if they aren't major investors. Many types of investments are discussed and Smart Money can be used as an educational tool. I don't know any other magazine like it. It is heavy reading though;...

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