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Self Magazine

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Self magazine is an American magazine for women that specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and happiness.

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Customer Reviews

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    My self-help glossy mag of choice!

    While I look to Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines for intelligent topics on women's interests and look to Cosmopolitan for sex and relationship advice and Vogue for the latest fashion trends, I look to Self for self-improvement. This glossy mag features articles on how to stay fit, eat healthy, look and feel great and delves into issues such as breast cancer and different types of painful menstruation as well as articles on what a difference it makes to eat strawberries instead of chocolate for snack and the importance of drinking water. (My skin is looking great for having started drinking more water.) It is the mag I look to to make me feel good! I have...

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    Great for any age

    This is a really cool magazine because it's great for anybody, no matter how old you are. I read it, but my mom would probably find it interesting, too. It mainly focuses on a healthy lifestyle( healthy eating, exercise,etc.). The other good thing about it is it covers the topics of good karma and self-confidence, unlike other fitness-based magazines. A good read for anyone who likes to get high on life.

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    This is my favorite magazine!

    This is a wonderful magazine that is pretty much suitable for any age. It has tons of helpful tips for healthy skin and hair, not to mention healthy bodies. It gives practical tips on eating, like the best cereals to buy, and it rates a lot of others. It does have advertising for products in it, but doesn't every magazine? It's main focus is on how you can keep your body healthy, with exercise tips and even a complete week planner to guide anyone through the best workout. The magazine also has a positive outlook, with articles on boosting your mood and self-esteem, along with articles on healthy, positive women that you see on TV. Overall it is a very modivational...

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