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Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Seattle Homes and Lifestyles celebrates Northwest living at its finest. Discover the latest trends in decorating, architecture, remodeling and gardening, as well as in-depth coverage of food, wine, shopping and the arts.

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    Lifestyles of the Laid Back

    I'm not a subscriber, I don't know why because in the past two years I have not failed to pick up a copy at the news stand every month. I'm never disappointed. The homes and the people showcased in Seattle Homes and Lifestyles reflect the way I feel about the Pacific Northwest. They are relaxed and inviting. Even the contemporary homes and the old-money traditional homes here are made to feel warm and homey. You can drive through Seattle and get a glimpse of what technology money has done for the architectural feel of the city and you can get blinded by the weirdness. Then you look through this magazine and see the other side of the Northwest, the side...

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