Reviews For Rock & Gem Magazine

If you love gemstones and collecting gem minerals you will love it.

I have loved this magazine. It has new finds of gemstones and minerals fasinating articles and great finds of where to purchase minerals and gems. If you love gemstones and minerals this magazine is for you. The best magazine find yet. Also, if you like minerals you should try the magazine ROCKS AND MINERALS [...] and published by Heldref publications.
Happy gem hunting....

A Wonderful Read

I have bought all issues of Rock & Gem since I discovered it a year and a half ago. It features lots of pictures, good articles, activities for the kids and ads are kept to a minimum.

Wow! What an awesome resource!

This magazine is such a delight! I love the moment I open my mailbox and find the latest issue! I don't set it down until I am done reading every inch of this valuable resource!

Rock Me, Baby!

I am like a kid at Christmas when my "Rock & Gem" mag comes in the mail. I read it cover to cover, and find the content absolutely fascinating!! The magazine covers every aspect of rock hounding, working with crytals/gems/minerals. There are always several minerals I have never heard of before, and this magazine does a wonderful job of educating its readers. And I LOVE the fact that there is a kids' section! I fell in love with rocks when my Dad came home from a trip to the Badlands of S.D. with several minerals, and a big amethyst crystal. If we take the time to provide opportunities like that to our children, it can open up an entirely new world....a fascinating one to them.

Thank you so much!