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Whether you're just thinking about buying a bike or your an avid motorcyclist, Rider Magazine is the right motorcycle magazine for you. Every issue give readers the best in touring and sport & street motorcycling. So don your motorcycle helmet , hit the open road have a safe and adventurous ride with Rider!

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Customer Reviews

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    good for ageing corner blasters

    For ageing corner blasters like myself(53) who have slowed a bit and often ride two up on longish trips, "Rider" is an excellent magazine.It's new bike tests are reliable and low on hype. It's columnists often muse about the riding experience and its relation to our broader lives. It has plenty of "how to" features and my two decade collection of tours and destinations featured in "Rider" is keeping me pleasantly busy in retirement. A good down to earth,mature,magazine.

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    Best All Around Motorcycle Magazine

    I subscribe to most of the motorcycle magazines, although I've let my Harley subscriptions lapse since I traded my Wide Glide for a BMW. I think Rider is the best all around motorcycle magazine on the market. It's oriented to a general riding audience (i.e., it's not Harley, sport bike oriented, etc.). There are well written articles on new bikes, touring, safety and other topics. It also contains more thought provoking articles about motorcycling than most of the other magazines. It's well worth the price. Ride Safe.

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    Great for Touring / Sport-Touring Readers

    This magazine is for people that like to combine motorcycles with travel. It's for guys/gals that ride bikes to enjoy new places, find new twisties, and just plain put mileage on their machines. Flip through the pages and you don't see Super Sport/Nitro or V-Twin Ultra-Customs with zero miles on the odometer. Writers don't really care whether a bike does a 11 second quarter mile (don't get me wrong, more HP is better than less!). What you do get are stories about weekend and week-long rides in places like the Grand Canyon, the Pyrenee Mountains, or the Dakotas. Bike reviews are mostly on machines like the BMW K1200 GT (a sport tourer) or Yamaha Silverado...

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