Reviews For Renovation Style Magazine

Real Estate Porn

Yes, this is a magazine with beautiful pictures of beautiful homes. Beautiful OLD homes. That's why I love it. I have zero interest in new houses, and am not interested in magazines that are about decorating. Renovation Style is for those of us who love, cherish, and wish to preserve historical homes. If seeing a vintage home restored and updated makes your pulse race, this is the real estate porn for you!

Finally - beautiful designs

Great large pictures of beautiful rooms. Awesome for ideas on how to put different colors and layouts together.


RENOVATION STYLE Magazine puts every decorating magazine I've read to shame. Cover to cover, it's full of great ideas. This is my 3rd renewal and it gets better with each one!

Good mag if you have an OLD house and LOTS of money

Beautiful photography, very upscale ideas and furnishings. Current styles represented. However, most of the homes are ENORMOUS and very very old, this mag is NOT for the average Joe homeowner. I was disappointed in how "snobbish" it is. I am by no means saying it's not a good publication, but for a very limited target demo, evidently.

A disappointment.

I was looking forward to getting this magazine in the mail and now, two issues later, I'm disappointed. It's a lot of really big projects in really big houses. One house of over 2500 sq. ft. was even discussed as small. The pictures are gorgeous but that's par for the course in magazines like this.

I'd like to see something more realistic. Who has the money for these types of projects in these times? This is not the magazine for you if you're more of the DIY type.