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The world of politics is not made up of only Democrats and Republicans. For a libertarian perspective on the world, invest in Reason. Reason Magazine is a leading social and political commentary magazine, providing informative political news with an emphasis on free minds and free markets. An intellectual approach and a fresh view towards society are all the more reasons why you should subscribe.
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  1. Libertarianism's Outreach Publication
    Reason started out as a great publication within the Libertarian movement. (Well, actually, I've seen the very first issue, a mimeographed 10-cent publication hawked on college campuses by the student founder; but it didn't take long after that to evolve into a great publication within the Libertarian movement.) But sometime in the '80s it took a turn in the outreach direction. While decried by some as a "coffee-table publication" (an especially intense wave of criticism came when they kicked out the classified-ads page because they thought that the sorts of dating personals and conspiracy-theory publication ads that appeared there didn't suit...
  2. Glossy face of Libertarianism
    Reason has some of the highest quality political articles I've read. Their analysis of what President Clinton should have done in the Paula Jones case, for example, was spot on, as events proved. Their long article, which you can read on their web site, that charges that President Clinton cannot think, and that he needs Hillary's assistance to make real decisions, was the most thought-provoking piece I've ever read about our President.

    But it's not just President Clinton. Their articles charging that the New Urbanism was going to become the New Tyranny are classics, in my view. And we cannot forget the splendid debunking they've done about the...
  3. The thinking person's political magazine
    Reason Magazine is one of those periodicals that everyone ought to be reading whether they agree with its ideological slant or not. I'm almost tempted to say Reason is more important for those who aren't libertarians than it is for those who are.

    On the surface, Reason is like any other news and commentary publication (with emphasis placed more on commentary). Each issue hits a broad range of topics from privacy to education to television. There are columns, editorials, feature articles, book reviews, and everything else one would expect. But Reason does it all with a sense of class and intellectual rigor -- as well as a good deal of humor...

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