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Realms Of Fantasy

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Take a trip to a magical world through the pages of this unique magazine that explores the full spectrum of fantasy, from Arthurian legend to ancient myths and contemporary fantasy fiction. Each issue features film and book reviews, news on fantasy and role-playing games and the finest in fantasy art.

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Customer Reviews

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    Excellent Full-Sized Fantasy Magazine

    I have been fortunate to subscribe to this magazine since it began. Each magazine does a very good job of covering fantasy in all its media aspects, with occasional nods to horror and science fiction.

    Each issue has standard departments in addition to an array of stories. The list of contributors is at the front, along with photographs of some of the contributors and a brief comment about each.

    The next department is "Folkroots." Each issue explores an aspect of folklore and mythology. I can recall articles on the green man, gemstones, and Sir James M. Barrie, the author of "Peter Pan." The range of coverage knows no bounds, and...

    • Rating
    Excellent Overall Fantasy Magazine

    I have been reading Realms of Fantasy for years (since middle school, in fact) and I have always been impressed with the quality of this publication. It reviews the range of fantasy products, including books, movies, and games. The articles, on a variety of mythological and fantastical subjects, are usually well thought out and interesting.

    The main point of the magazine, however, is short fantasy stories; and it is here that the magazine truly excells. Almost all of the pieces I've read in this magazine have been mature, creative, and unusual fantasy stories. Contributers have been anything from first-time writers to famous authors such as Terri Windling,...

    • Rating
    All Fantasy

    For those of you who prefer fantasy over science fiction, this is the magazine to subscribe to. It has on average five to eight stories every two months with plenty of columns to read, such as book reviews, video games reviews, and folklore. A must have for writers of fantasy.

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