Reviews For Practical Horseman Magazine

Not just for the Pros.

I have been reading Practical Horseman for years and I still am excited when I find the latest issue in my mailbox. They have well written, in-depth articles about things that all horse enthusiasts can relate to. It is aimed at the English rider and it covers many different aspects of riding.

The first thing I turn to is the Jumping Clinic by George Morris. I don't even jump! He is great at making constructive comments and I love reading them. The training and riding articles are written by experts and are aimed at riders at all levels, not just experts. Each month I read A Lesson With Lendon and I always come away with a bit more of an understanding of Dressage. I'm sure I'll never ride at a level to have an actual Lesson with Lendon, but this is the next best thing.
They also have wonderful articles on health and safety.

I find most of the other horse magazines very disappointing, usually very shallow bits of fluff. I hate having to page through countless pages of things like "The latest colors for your Western Pleasure Vest" to find a one page article on a health issue. Other magazines may come and go at my house, but Practical Horseman is a keeper.


Practical Indeed!

Being an English Equestrian myself, I have tried subscriptions to many magazines, Practical Horseman being my number 1 favorite! I couldn't help but notice how many wonderful articles there are in this magazine. My personal favorite section is one where there are maybe 6 pictures of people riding, and each picture is critiqued. This helps those riders who are self trained (or maybe just wondering)to actually SEE what they are doing wrong. Then they are given advice on how to fix their problems. It's like a lesson through writing =)

I would have to say that this magazine is aimed for mainly the hunter/jumper equestrian. If you are looking for a magazine with a broader range of styles i would recommend Horse Illustrated. But Practical Horseman is written very well with funny stories, personal stories, specific problem shooting articles, and much MUCH more!

In all, this is a very good magazine mainly targeted towards hunters and jumpers. Horseman of almost any age can enjoy and learn from this wonderful magazine.


Calling horse lovers..!

This magazine is great for horse lovers who participate in this sport at all levels, or even just people who are interested in the horse world. The magazine is very colorful and eye-catching, from cover to cover.

There are articles ranging from medical topics to stories. Practical Horseman has many pictures, and the articles are well written. Often they use sequenced pictures, for example in their mini training session articles, so that you can follow along with one of the riders that they photograph.

I found that I learned a great deal through this magazine, whether or not I was familiar with the topics they were covering, for example, a specific equine medical condition. I continue to gather a great deal of info from Practical Horseman. I am pleased with the way information is presented and the variety that the magazine offers.

Current events are covered on a regular basis. Around Olympics time, there are more articles covering events. These events are not restricted to any particular discipline, and they give a good overview of what riders are attending as well as what to expect and what to watch.

I found this magazine to be very informative and fun to read. I was able to keep up with current equestrian events and to learn interesting things about this sport. I would recommend this magazine to virtually anyone involved or interested in the equine world. It's a light read, nothing too heavy or scientific. You'll learn a lot both as an observer or a participant in horse riding, and there's different focuses every month to keep you interested. I used to give my old magazines away at the stables, and I know everyone was looking at them. The kids loved them, to look at or cut out the pictures, and to read some of the stories, while the older riders could get some more serious hints out of the articles.


Excellent Magazine for Equine Sports

Practical Horseman is by far the best magazine for any all serious equestrians. The magazine covers articles that would catch anyone's attention, from the beginner to the advanced rider. It is extremely well-rounded as it includes articles in regard to horse health, grooming, different riding disciplines, and new product descriptions. Usually the magazine contains information on top riders and often runs a series of articles by a top rider or trainer; such as a series on dressage or combined training, teaching a horse to drive or lunge. The information is easy to read, and also very informative. I have been riding and reading for over forty years and have not found a magazine that covers so many English riding disciplines and always has information which interests
me, and which I can apply to my own horsemanship or training.

The articles go from being serious (new products, instruction of some sort, and usually information about the United States Equestrian Team or top riders in the U.S., and the jumping clinic by George Morris) to being light and funny (a monthly article called the Thinking Horseman which would make anyone laugh). Also, the advertisements are well-done and interesting, as are the classifieds. This is the most inclusive and informative magazine for equestrians on the market, and there is simply no magazine that is so comprehensive and
as full of interesting and useful tips. The magazine is also very well-edited and well-planned and attractive.


A necessity for every English rider!

As a long time English rider, I find that Practical Horseman suits my needs exactly. Every week, its pages are chock full of interesting articles, useful product information, advertisements, and opinion pieces. The majority of information is applicable to hunter and jumper riders, and the dressage enthusiast can find something to interest them as well. The magazine strives to provide information that is geared toward riders of all levels, from the beginning adult amateur to the professional horseman.

I regard my subscription as an investment into my riding and equestrian knowledge. It has provided me with invaluable information over the years. I especially enjoy the "Jumping Clinic", in which the renowned professional George Morris critiques riders and horses. Also enjoyable are Kip Goldreyer's monthly installments on her progress as an older dressage rider, and Lendon Gray's in-depth dressage "lessons".

The magazine is well organized and easy to read, with colorful photos adorning nearly every page.

Practical Horseman is an extremely useful, informative resource, as well as being a thoroughly FUN read! I look forward to finding the magazine in my mailbox each month.


Great Magazine!!!

I think Practical Horseman is a great magazine!! It has a lot of useful information and neat facts! I would but this magazine because it has lots of information, great ads, helpful tips and lots of photos!!! This magazine is a good one to pick up if you are reading Horse & Rider. I find them having the same contents that the same readers would like. I liked the Common Poisonous Plants article they had in the May 1996 issue. This informed of of the plants to look out for in my horses pasture. Also, I liked the Step-By-Step article on how to teach your horse how to listen to your leg. I think if you enjoy this magazine another good one to pick up would have to be Horse & Rider.


for the english rider

Practical horseman is a great magazine for anyone but it is geared more towards the english rider. I ride both english and western. So i buy this magazine to learn more about riding english. The magazine has alot of great articles and pictues. My favorite is George Morris. He is alittle harsh at times but he tell it like it is. He critques readers that have sent in their photos of them jumping. He is very helpful in pointing out their mistakes and how to fix them. He is very particlar about grooming and the "whole picture" as he puts it. The magazine features alot of articles and interviews with alot of the top riders. It is interesting to see what alot of them had to do to get where they are today.


A Great Magazine

By far one of the best equine magazines on the market today.

It covers basics from novice to advance, health care to hauling, building a barn to building an
equine career. It is geared toward the English rider, so if you a western horseman it may not be
the magazine for you. In every magazine you will find new product reviews, helpful hints, advice
from the pros, and featured riders from the hunter, jumper, dressage and event world. Trainers
and riders such as Chris Kappler and Bruce Davidson offer insightful articles to help you find the
perfect distance or teach flying lead changes. A favorite section is the George Morris jumping
clinic, where readers send in pictures for him to critique.

I have been competitively riding for over 15 years and it is by far the best magazine on the market.
You will always find something insightful, helpful and interesting.


Ride English? Must be PRACTICAL!

For the English oriented horse person, this is a great magazine to get in the mailbox every month. Practical Horseman covers everything from sports psychology strategies, wormer tips, fencing, training, and a review of horse and rider from the great (love him or not) George Morris.
The "In The News" column keeps us up to date on the happenings in the equestrian world, including the latest in changes to the Endurance portion of horse trials.
Having an issue with your horse? Write to "Intraining", a section of the magazine devoted to helping riders solve problems by providing solid, expert advice. "Takingcare" is another advice feature. This one geared toward health issues. The series "Beginning Adult Rider" is one of my favorites, it provides steps for building a strong foundation, and gives more advanced riders fresh ideas on improving those basics.
Highly recommended!


A Worthy Investment

I have been a subscriber to Practical Horseman for quite a while. I look forward to reading it each month. I love looking at the "Jumping Clinic", a critique of photos that readers send in of them jumping. I try to find what's wrong with their positions before I read them to improve my position. I also enjoy reading articles about different careers in the equine industry. Overall, I love reading this magazine. It motivates me and gives me things to consider while I'm riding and training. As a dressage rider, I like this magazine more than Horse Illustrated because it concerns only english style articles, although I like how Horse Illustrated has breed spotlights. Practical Horseman is one of my favorite magazines.