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Pastel Journal

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Pastel Journal covers topics of interest to working pastelists as well as those who work in pastel as an additional medium along with those who are just experimenting with the medium.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Best in Pastel

    The pictures are really wonderful and the articles are well written and interesting. It tends to be the same superstars over and over, but that's to be expected.

    • Rating
    Pastel Journal

    I read Pastel Journal every month to see what other artists are doing, view a calender of pastel shows, and get information about pastel products. This magazine is hard to find in stores. I really look forward to getting an issue.

    • Rating
    Some excellent, some poor

    I find this is worthy of a subscription to keep up with info, artists names, and some excellent art. I find some issues have artists with horrible compositions, weak or incorrect values, inconsistant light sources, or temperature control in paintings. I am open to abstracts, tight realism, loose impressionism, surrealism, etc but ALL SHOULD have correct design principles and fundamentals. About every 3 issues is a winner with 7/8 of the artists strong but some of the other issues you are lucky to find 1/4 that don't look like they are a novice.

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