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Dedicated to women who wish to better themselves through physical fitness & nutrition. Covers training, nutrition information & industry updates from the female perspective! In-depth articles on the latest medical breakthroughs, motivational pieces on professional athletes and much more!

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Customer Reviews

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    Inspiration every month

    Whether you intend to become a fitness pro or are just an average gal wanting to get in better shape, Robert Kennedy's Oxygen is a magazine that caters to both. This glossy mag is chock full of information and inspiration on every single page. Unlike the other recently deceased women's fitness magazine, Hers, Oxygen is never boring and never skimpy on articles.

    Every single issue has a variety of workouts, clearly laid out. There is sage advice to accompany these routines - and not just form and technique! In these pages, you'll find beauty routines, fashion, book reviews, music suggestions, nutrition, inspiring stories and more. Newer forms...

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    great fitness magazine

    Oxygen is great if you are SERIOUS about staying in shape. The articles and models are very inspiring and motivating. Unlike some other magazines that you flip through and toss aside, Oxygen keeps you intrigued the whole month. The fitness competitors list their workouts and diets, reminding you how they got those great bodies! After reading Oxygen I'm ready to hit the gym!

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    My favorite mag!

    This magazine is great for those who are serious about fitness and/or women's body building and fitness competition. If you are overweight and out of shape and looking to start losing weight then this magazine is probably too advanced for you. You would be happier with a magazine like Shape. I also subscribe to Shape but find Shape is more about jogging, yoga and weight loss. Oxygen is more free weights and body building. I love the detailed work outs and have gotten great results following them. All of the women are very inspiring!

    Yes, it has a lot of ads but no more than any other mag. They have to sell ads to make money & stay in business....

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