Reviews For New York Spaces Magazine

an excellent publication (four and one-half stars)

New York Spaces may be a somewhat pricey magazine; but it's got quite a bit to it. The most recent issue features diverse articles that range from how to remodel a townhouse built in the 1850s to homes in "hip" Hoboken, New Jersey and even homes that are located in "the center of the art world." There are briefer articles pointing out new homes in Long Island City, New York, too. Although you might initially mistake this publication for being somewhat pretentious, New York Spaces is a very good home decorating magazine.

The articles are both timely and well written so that people can understand what on Earth the authors are talking about; and they have great graphics and photos as well. The quality of the paper on which the magazine is printed is rather good; and the cover is bound well, too. I was especially impressed with the article entitled "1850s Modern" which displays just how well you can transform a rather old home into something hip, cool and very sophisticated.

There's one minor objection that I do have: The magazine has many, many advertisements. This can be a bother if you're trying to learn from reading articles; but on the other hand the magazine advertisements display furniture and artwork very well. The displays in the advertisements are great for giving you ideas for decorating your own home. In a time when things are financially tough, you could skip hiring a professional decorator and take ideas from the ads themselves to design your home yourself.

Some of these featured homes may be pricey; but don't let that deter you. It's amazing just how much you can accomplish by getting decorating ideas from this magazine and buying very similar but less expensive things that accomplish your decorating goals.

Overall, New York Spaces is a solid decorating magazine for people who want to indulge themselves in trendy, "hip" homes. And why not--after all, you only live once! I recommend this magazine for people who want very sophisticated decorating ideas especially if they want to decorate their homes themselves.