Reviews For New York Magazine

Keeps me in touch with this crazy (wonderful) city

It's weird that most of these other reviews are concerned with subscription problems. I just moved to the city last year, and subscribed to both Time Out New York and New York magazine. After about a month, I found myself tossing out TONY, which with its papery material feels more like a TV guide to me, and instead carrying my copy of New York everywhere I go.

While TONY is more comprehensive about local events (i.e. readings, concerts, theatre, movies, etc.), New York magazine focuses more on New York culture and news, and especially emphasizing the media's current focus. For instance, last week's issue had Caroline Kennedy on the cover.

I've learned to trust NYMag's restaurant selections, and the reviews tend to be detailed and useful. Every week, it lists new openings or reopenings of restaurants, along with general critic's picks, which I've found very useful.

The layout of the magazine is also very friendly and endearing. There's the approval matrix of people and things that are currently in or out of favor, the culture pages, and even events for kids, not to mention the least, my favorite -- the weekly crossword puzzle, which I actually like more than the NYtimes's.

If anything else, be sure to get the copy of 'Best of New York' when it comes out, for a great guide to the best of what the city has to offer.

Why doesn't LA have a mag like this?!

I absolutely love New York magazine. I have never lived in NYC and might not make it there, but the magazine still seems relevant to me. Being a weekly, the articles are always timely, interesting and important. Not only does New York provide a sense of what is going on in NYC, it also takes on national and international issues - politics to pop culture. I always read mine cover to cover and desperately wish L.A. had a magazine like this (Los Angeles magazine SUCKS). Funny, to the point, interesting.

Love it!

Better than Time Out.


Excellent food reviews.

Well written articles.

I'm a fan!

From a Former New Yorker

Being so far from my home area doesn't mean I don't want to keep up with what's going on. I love New York Magazine for its unusual "news". Sometimes I think the photos are crude,even grotesque; but on the whole, it's a great read. I especially like "The Look Book" pages and restaurant reviews by
Adam Platt. I subscribe to several magazines. New York is one I would never not renew.

I Live in Chicago But I read New York

Not for New Yorkers only- this midwesterner is a devoted reader.
this is a very good general interest magazine. Even the New York-centric content is relevant to non- NYC dwellers due to the importance of New York .
I have read stories here covered nowhere else, the writing is consistently good- quality, and the culture reporting is particularly good. While some of the issues are less useful to me , like Best of New York or Best Doctors, overall this is a good reference even though I am not dining or shopping or living in NYC.
And you have to check out the back page! It is the first thing I turn to when my issue arrives.

Second Only To The New Yorker

New York magazine has been around since the 1960s, and I've been reading it since then. It's gone through its ups and downs over the years, but now it contains indispensable articles not only pertaining to New York City, but it is also a guide to the latest happenings in New York. Highly recommended.