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New Republic

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Do you love a good meaty read? Tired of the same old media for current events and what's happening in politics? The New Republic is the leading journal of politics, current events, and the arts. In this lively journal, you'll read about widespread opinion and culture in the country.

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Customer Reviews

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    Best Political Magazine

    Some will complain that the New Republic has too much of a bias. Well, maybe you don't understand, but that's WHY you read opinion! The New Republic sometimes is unfair, but that's what makes this such a great magazine, it's real opinions, and they don't dumb it down. Plus, they often put counterarguments side by side, so you can see both sides of the issue. If you really have a problem with bias, then watch TV (heck, it's boring, stale, and all they give you are the facts with very little bias). If you want to see someone getting flamed, knocked down, or praised, then read The New Republic. This is why I love this magazine, it's real news and opinions...

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    The New Republic maintains its strenngth.

    The New Republic is a weekly magazine that has well-written, well-researched articles.
    And the "regulars" are looked forward every week.
    Stanley Kauffmann is still reviewing films as he has for more than 50 years. His insights
    and perspective are always most interesting.
    Leon Wieseltier's "Washington Diartist" is a gem...every time. His one-page articles
    provoke thought and discussion, partly because he is such a wonderful writer.

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    Digestible liberal opinion without any fluff

    If you want to go beyond the watered-down political discourse you'll find in Time or Newsweek, then the New Republic is a good place to start. The writing is concise and thorough (at the risk of sounding like a contradiction), and you don't need to be qualified for the McLaughlin Group to understand it all.

    The editors have changed a bit over the past couple of years, but everyone reports to Martin Peretz who is the owner and publisher, and who happens to have had Al Gore as a student at Harvard. This explains the magazine's heavy pro-Al coverage; Charles Lane was fired as editor (allegedly) because he was running too many articles about Gore's shady...

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