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Natural Home

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Natural Home brings together the best in home design and natural living. This bimonthly magazine provides practical ideas, inspiring examples, expert opinions and timely information about the circle of life that we call home. Featuring sustainable, healthy homes and the latest earth-friendly products and services, Natural Home is designed for today's growing market of eco-savvy homeowners.

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    Having a Healthy Home

    Years ago I came across the idea of a natural home built of earth and straw. As silly as it sounds, earthen houses are one of the world?s predominant building types, and not just in so-called developing nations. In Europe, houses made of earth and straw (called cobb) can be found that are hundreds of years old.

    I've managed to maintain an interest in this style of building, picking up books and magazines whenever I could find them, with hopes of eventually moving to a rural setting and build a natural home. Last year I discovered Natural Home, a magazine that showcases eco-friendly home building, maintenance and household products.

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