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Mother Jones

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For a fresh and invigorating spin on the American political scene, it's always best to trust your Mother. And with each captivating issue, Mother Jones provides the conservative view on a whole host of relevant issues, vital to the social and cultural landscape. With hard-hitting investigative journalism honest opinions and editorials, Mother Jones cuts through the so-called politics as usual and give you a unique perspective into our world.

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Customer Reviews

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    A non-corporate version of Time or Newsweek - and much better!!

    Mother Jones has changed it's format over the past several years, but it has remained loyal in covering some of the most interesting national issues. From Gay boyscouts to G. W. Bush's political hand-me-downs, Mother Jones presents a strong, opinionated view of current events.

    Personally, I like the older format better, but this news magazine is still one of the best around. Much better than Time or Newsweek.

    The news articles as well as the profiles are exceptional. Great writing. Even some good photography every now and then....


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    A top News magazine

    Unlike TIME or Newsweek Mother Jones magazine is willing to take on the big corporations and the sacred cows of government. It has been a publication we have read for decades and is fair. Liberal for sure, but also fair. They took on politicians who were in the corner with the tobacco companies. People like then California Speaker and now San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. They have exposed the hypocrites who fight porn and the hypocrites within organized religion. They have been on the front lines on racial and ethnic issues long before the average "news" magazines gave a damn.

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    What a great find

    Not too many newsstands carry this magazine, so it is well worth having a subscription. Most of today's magazines are published by large conglomerates (such as AOL-Time-Warner), just the type of organizations that would NEVER say a bad word against a government that supports them in every way.

    THIS is a magazine for the people...not afraid to tell it like it uncover dirty politics (be it Republican or Democrat) or corrupt business. If more people would read this magazine, more people would be outraged at what's going on, and perhaps things would start heading in the right direction.

    But this magazine isn't just politics. They have great articles...

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