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Mother Earth News

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Mother Earth News is a bimonthly magazine that was founded on a barely-there budget in 1970, by a couple who was determined to send their message to the country. In the 100+ page issues of this American publication, the ever-growing number of environmental problems is addressed. And more importantly, Mother Earth News discusses the most effective and realistic ways to approach these concerns in a down-to-earth and practical manner. The content of this magazine is dedicated to inspiring a movement for a greener, more sustainable atmosphere. Mother Earth News is a lifestyle magazine that gives readers tips and information on subjects such as home improvement, organic gardening, family farms, natural cooking, and how to do more with less. This publication has been and continues to be a leader in the promotion of life-altering behaviors and practices such as renewable energy, recycling, agricultural practices, self-sufficient medical care, and outdoor recreation. Better yourself, your family, and the earth with Mother Earth News.

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Customer Reviews

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    Back to nature for newbies and hippies alike

    My first introduction to Mother Earth News was via a post on a message board overpopulated by fundie homesteaders. Since more than a few of them are using outhouses (and computers, what a mix), I suspected they had alternative uses for the magazine. I wouldn't have paid much attention, except for someone's mention of an article on electric power through the useage of wind generators. Since I live in a region where 20 mph winds are an every day thang, I had been doing some research on adding a backup power system that could keep my beer cold when all else failed.

    I picked up my first issue, and was hooked. It's like back to the basics for everyone....

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    Mother of all home magazines

    I have been reading Mother Earth News for over 20 years now. I love it. You never know what you will find in there, but you do know that it will always be useful whether you are an urbanite or suburbanite. If you dream of running to the mountains someday to live "off the grid" the Mother has the info you need. Want to know about "grey watering" the garden, once again mother comes through.

    I look forward to my copy and my trip to my dream home with every issue. I am not sure if I will go with straw bales, or cobb, or if I will ever get my dream house. But the information in Mother Earth News is always such that it makes you...

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    The How to for the Homesteader

    What a wonderful magazine. Pages and pages of articles, not ads.. what a big difference. I am not saying there are not ads but you will find more pages of articles on interesting topics then you will pages of advertisements.

    Do you want to learn how to create your own power to run the lights in your home. Mother Earth News can show you the way. How to build a windmill, or how to set up those solar panels, even how to build a water wheel.

    Looking for ways to help your garden grown without the harsh chemicals of the comercial fertilizers. Mother earth news can show you how to set up several different kinds of composts.

    Looking to...

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