Reviews For Life & Style Weekly Magazine

I love my life and style weekly!

I have read other mags like OK, Star, US Weekly, and they all do a good job of covering celebrity gossip, but Life & Style Weekly focuses more on celebrity style and fashion, which I LOVE. And they tell you how to get the celebrity look for less. By far my favorite magazine out of all the tabloid mags.

Same as most other magazines, but a little different

If you are already familiar with gossip magazines such as People, US Weekly, In Touch, etc., you may have seen this or even picked up a copy of it at the newsstand. And, while this magazine focuses a little bit more on clothing choices and lifestyles of celebrities, it still has the makings of a gossip magazines. These include up-to-minute news on who's pregnant, married, going out, etc., along with movie, TV, and celebrity news, plus the occasional important news story, although that is really rare.

I personally like Life & Style for its fashion coverage; they do a great job of detailing celebrity looks and how you can get them for less. As for the actual gossip, well, it's nothing really new, and usually can be found on the covers of all of the competing magazines which do a more thorough job of detailing them. As an overall conclusion, if you like reading about celebrity style, homes, etc., along with some good gossip and news, then by all means go ahead and read this magazine. If you're more into some thorough and up-to-minute gossip, try reading something else.

this magazine is horrible

i hate this magazine. it always comes late, if at all. i don't have any problems with the other magazines i subscribe to. buyer beware!