Reviews For Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine

Restyle with style

We have an older home built in 1919. The kitchen was hardly
fuctional. We had about 4 feet of counter space which 3 was
usable. The sink sat in a sink base, with no counter space
on either side. The frig butted next to it on one side and wall on the other. We did have pantry and oversize mudroom
that we could use. We wondered what can we do.
I purchased Kitchen & Bath Design News issues and and studied each layout and read the articles in each magazine more then once. The articles gave me the information and confidence needed to gut the kitchen and start over.

After carful studing of all the Kitchen&Bath magazines we gutted the kitchen moved a wall back. The new design let us
have more work space, better traffic flow. All these new ideas came from the Kitchen & Bath Design News. I love the
ideas of the built in frig and covered it with door panels.
I've had several ask "Where is the frig". The coutertops
are granite which is a great. This magazine gave me the confidenct that I needed on the new kitchen. I've had more
compliments and have been asked to showcase the kitchen
for our tour of homes in the winter.