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Hobby Farms

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Hobby Farms is edited for all rural enthusiasts. It speaks to small farmers working for their livelihood, part-time pocket farmers trying to make a profit and hobby farmers who just enjoy the lifestyle outside of their day jobs. Each issue features new products, tips, tools of the trade, and more!

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Wonderful for Hobby Farmers!

    I have subscribed to Hobby Farms magazine for the past three years and enjoy every issue cover to cover! The articles are written so those with little to no experience can understand and use them as well as those with more experience may learn helpful hints they might not have known or sources and facts newly available. Though corrections may be added or information post scripted to an article(as one of the reviewers mentioned), this is a strength in my eyes not a weakness! A magazine should not spend its time and space trying to encompass every single detail possible. Instead it should give readers enough information to gain a basic foundation and a beginning...

    • Rating
    Interesting and Practical

    Hobby Farms draws you into their 'meaty' articles with good photos and clear writing. The articles aren't just fluff- they present usable info that helps you succeed on small scale raising-your-own-food acreages.

    • Rating
    Hobby Farms

    Love the magazine. It has lots of good articles that are interesting to me. It helps me have a little country in the city.

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