Reviews For Gun Digest Magazine

Gun Digest

I subscribe to this magazine for my husband. As a gun enthusiast, he reads each issue cover to cover as it provides reliable information for many types of firearms.

Good buys

This is a great paper that has some of the best deals you can find on ammo and guns

Exactly what I had hoped for

It took five weeks from date of ordering to receiving my first copy so you must be patient. However when it arrived, I was very pleased. Good articles, lots of gun-related classifieds, this will be a fun read. The quality of the paper is what you would expect in this type of biweekly publication, just a little better than newsprint and so the quality of the illustrations isn't up to the annual "Gun Digest" publication but this is only to be expected.

far better than the "other" gun paper option

Get the Gun List, it's simply the easiest to use, and has the best deals on guns on the planet.

Right On "Target"

As a Certified Glock Armorer who does the Gun Show circuit, I am quite versed on the Glock. This publication keeps me informed on the various other brands of guns, accessories, and ammuniton prices. It's frequent publication is both a good thing and a bad thing. Yes, it's a little more current (as current as print work can be), but the frequency in the mail box means I probably only read about every other issue. If you are into a specific shooting sport or hunting, there are other publications for you, but this is a good general knowledge publication.