Reviews For Good Old Days Magazine

Pleasant Nostalgia

If you are like me, and have a fondness for the 1930's and 1940's, you will love this magazine. It is filled with warm and funny stories of those happy days gone by. Times may have been hard, but they really were better. Neighbors were real neighbors, growing up was more innocent, families were closer, and when you married your high school sweetheart, it stuck.

Everything from family memories of growing up during the great depression to a young man's memories of his first car during the 1940's are told by the people themselves. There is something to love here for just about everyone in the family. Whether it's a young girl's remembrance of mornings in the kitchen baking with Grandma (which includes a recipe), or a young soldier's tale of being shot down over the Netherlands and aided to freedom with the help of the daring Dutch underground, you'll be transported to better times.

If you are nostalgic at all, you'll enjoy this greatly as I do. There are always photos or illustrations to accompany the warm and funny memories of those who lived through these times. From home remedies to stories of the big band era, you really will enjoy every article. The glossy cover always has a nostalgic picture and the inside, quite appropriately, is on black and white paper. Film and music stars from these times are fondly remembered as well.

You won't be disappointed in this magazine. The short and enjoyable stories will leave a warm feeling in your heart. It will, however, make you a bit sad that these days are gone forever. I have a couple of very good copies of Modern Screen with Deanna Durbin on the cover from the 1940's I have collected and Good Old Days sits quite nicely between them. I even discovered a new source for collecting old time radio shows in the magazine's advertisements I intend to check out.

All in all, a real bargain and one magazine that's nice to have around the house.

Gift for Grandparents

Your grandparents will love this magazine! I bought this subscription two years ago for my Dad (as a gift from my daughter) and I will continue to renew this magazine as it makes for very meaningful conversations. Grandparents enjoy reflecting on the past and sharing their memories with those they love, especially grandchildren. The magazine stays on the coffee table which also allows for other family members and neighbors to enjoy as well. What an excellent conversation starter.

GREAT Magazine for those born 1930s & 40s

My parents were born around 1930 and this magazine is their favorite reading. All these years I've never seen them so eager for a piece of mail to arrive. Both my mom and dad told me that this is the first and only magazine they've ever read cover to cover (and I mean every inch).
Typically the issues contain old photos that readers send in - showing how things were for everyday people. Along with those pictures are stories/anecdotes. In the stories the folks mention a lot of old-timey stuff that the reader may not have thought of in years. Also included are old advertisements, costs of goods, songs, recipes, and miscellaneous household tips.

This makes a fantastic gift subscription.

Good Old Memories

My husband subscribes to this magazine and is always reading something to me that he relates to. He especially enjoys the articles that remind him of his grandparents and a lovely time when he was a youngster.

Great gift for an older person

I gave this magazine as a gift for my grandmother one year. She loved it so much that I gave it to my other grandmother the next year. I know that this oldie but goodie will enjoy this publication for the entire year.

good old days magazine

i get to read my sisters issuse every other month when it arrives im now getting a subscrition for my mother-in-law for a belated mothers day gift she ll love it as she reads it too and enjoys it too

Good Old Days

My Mother read your magazine and thought it was wonderful and asked me to order it for her.

Four months to first Issue!

I ordered the Magazine subscription on February 6 2011 and my first magazine will arrive June 6th!!!!. Actually this is rather ironic because they are doing business like it is the 1940s! Maybe they are setting the type manually and using a printing press.