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Golfweek Magazine is the only magazine avid golfers read with up-to-date results on all the professional tours, the collegiate & amateur games, profiles of players on the way up (and down), statistics, rankings, and complete coverage of the golf industry. Plus features on hot new courses & venerable old resorts, golf real estate, travel destinations, and the only source for health & fitness advice for the skilled golfer.

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    Weeks and Weeks of Golf

    I know many people who are confirmed addicts to the game of golf and one publication they like to read is Golfweek. This magazine is the only golf publication I know about that is issued with this level of frequency, making it an ideal choice for those who can't seem to get enough golf.

    Since this magazine is published every week, some of the information contained within might seem a little bit boring to certain readers. There isn't always enough going on in the world of golf to fill a magazine from one week to the next. But the editors of Golfweek manage to find enough to complete each issue. They do so by stressing any news, minor or major,...

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