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Garden Design

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

If you long for a garden that blooms with style and color, then you'll want to read Garden Design. This magazine features eye-popping photos, understandable illustrations and useful advice on how to create a picture-perfect garden. Writing in the magazine, the editors claim, is intended to be “as stylish as the gardens we feature.”

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Customer Reviews

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    The Frosting on the Cake.....

    This is the gardening magazine I reach for first. Call me shallow, but I like pictures that get my heart racing, send my mind looking for things I can do in my own garden, and make me see things in a different way. For the "how to" I might turn to other sources, but this is the one that gets me going the minute I see the gorgeous cover.

    • Rating
    Paradise Explained & shown

    You will get many practical ideas and spend fun time looking at nature's beauty as you flip through this magazine.

    • Rating
    Artsy, inspiring, great source for ideas and trends

    I've been a subscriber for 4 years, it was given at first as a gift ( nice idea, that).
    NOT a how -to.
    Not even educational about plant specifics, as Horticulture Mag. is.
    But, very inspiring, and worth saving stacks of them for those dreary late winter and muddy early spring days when one is tired of looking at the drab landscape. This magazine provides stunning color and design concepts to translate into one's own garden space.
    One of the few magazines I keep on hand for bursts of motivation and ideas.
    A drawback is that it is published 7 x a year, sometime in 2 month intervals, sometimes comes once a month, and it is hard...

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