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First For Women

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Want to know about the latest diet? Want to find out about fashions in vogue? First For Women, designed for contemporary women, offers easy-to-read stories about fashion, food, decorating and beauty.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    First real magazine for real women

    I'm not one for buying magazines, most of what I am looking for is on the Internet. And if looking in magazines, it is just a small part of a large magazine making it not worth my while to purchase it.

    First, however, combines a lot of different magazines into one. And they seem to cater to "REAL" women. Women that want to better themselves, don't want to be talked down to, and tend to be a lot like me. (or at least that is my impression)

    Humor!! I love to laugh! And sometimes, as a mother of three, it is difficult to see the humor when a child has gotten into something they aren't supposed to be in. But even better, they also give...

    • Rating
    First with me!

    I have to commend a women's magazine that doesn't make you feel less than human if you're not Elle McPherson, Tyra Banks, or any other super duper model, or model thin and gorgeous!!!

    This magazines covers everything from health issues, how to improve your health, wellbeing, mental attitude, family life, your personal feelings, etc.

    This magazine is an issue that when it comes, I just can't put it down. I have had a subscription for about 2 years, and I just love it all. Some magazines loose me on fashion, family, career, finances, and other areas. But, everything is so realistic, enticing, and it just draws me in.

    I love reading...

    • Rating
    Welcome to the Information highway

    I buy alot of magazines each month ,but I especially look forward to getting the new First for Woman magazine. Every issue is packed so full of information. I have never been dissatisfied with an issue from them.

    This magazine gives alot of advice on health and fitness. Their are always fashion and beauty secrets and advice. This magazine keeps me up to date on style. You can always find good recipes in here too.

    In every Issue-

    Solutions for your life- This section offers great ideas for solutions to different problems in your life . Readers can send in their ideas and have them printed.

    Crossword puzzle- A large crossword...

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