Reviews For Finescale Modeler Magazine

Great Monthly Magazine!

This magazine has helped me develope my skills as a modeler for quite a while. I am still a novice but I have to say, using some of the tips and tricks found in these articles has really helped me. Every now and then I look at some of the detail that I would have otherwise missed. It makes the difference between being a toy and being a historical story. My dad used to build models all the time and I remember he always told me that building the model was the easy part, making it look real is the FUN (hard) part! The weathering tricks and scratch building how to's are all awesome even for an intermediate/skilled modeler. Okay, now I am rambling on. It's a great buy! Get it now, you won't regret it!

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Probably my fault but the subscribtion is suppose to be a gift to my son.

The magazine is coming to my address not his.

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