Reviews For Disney Tinker Bell Magazine

A little narrow in focus...but still the BEST

Anyone serious about stained glass and for the stained glass professional (artist, retailer, instructer, etc.) this is the magazine you MUST have. It's got it's finger on the pulse of the business better than any magazine out there. It also has excellent articles, lovely photos and valuable ads.

(NOTE: This is not for hobbyists. You won't find patterns for suncatchers, or the casual craftsperson showing off their little project. Not to belittle that can be quite stunning...but this magazine is for people doing huge installations, free form glass sculptures, etc.)

The magazine does tend to favor "modern" stained glass a bit much. There isn't often much devoted to those artists who put their livelihood into churches that are looking for more "traditional" or "realistic" works. We see lots of churches (and LOTS of synagogues) with experimental or abstract work. I'm not sure that actually reflects what's happening in the "real" world. The works presented can be inspiring, but the editors could stand to broaden their focus just a little. Stained glass artisans and professionals like to appreciate all kinds of works, whether they themselves would do them or not.

Naturally, the price of the magazine is hefty. But you can't compare it to Time or People...the readership is a bit smaller! So if you make your livlihood from Stained Glass, and somehow you haven't need to. It's always a nice surprise each quarter to have that little treat in the mail box!