Reviews For Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Top notch educational magazine

I really like this magazine. They balance educational articles, recipes, and lifestyle articles so well. Sometimes in reading similar articles they are often filled with advertisements that swallow the articles. This magazine balances everything so well.

This magazine often features educational articles about new treatments and new medicines. I like that they are less biased than what you would see in a pharmacutical publication. Recipes are simple, and very tasty. I also like that they give many different lifestyle suggestions for dealing with diabetes.

I feel this publication does well with the treatment of pre-diabetes, type I, and type II, very well. It offers a balance of articles that all patients should be able to walk away with quality information. I would encourage people to try this magazine if they are dealing with this disease, or if your family deals with this disease. It simply does an exceptional job of going over treatments and changes in lifestyle that you can make. Diabetes is a serious disease, and being educated about the condition ensures that you give yourself better care.

Diabetes Forecast

This magazine is helpful for coping with diabetes. New treatments, medications, and diabetic products are reported on and rated. I especially like motivational type articles that help get me off my duff and get moving. Recipes are also included; many of which are simple and delicious. It's a bright and diabetic savvy magazine that can be helpful to anyone with diabetes.

Diabetes Forecast Magazine

A very informative magazine that keeps you up to date on the latest technology involving diabetes, including oral medicines, insulins, meters, pumps, etc. Lots of helpful tips and articles to help you battle the disease.

Great Publication

I only see my endocrinologist every 3 months for 15 or 20 minutes. I get Diabetes Forecast every month and can find out everything that is going on in the field of diabetes. Knowledge about diabetes is very important and I can learn about it in the privacy of my own home.

great read

The only diabetes magazine out there worth the money and the reading time...lots of good info and advice.

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diabetes magazine

i enjoy reading this magazine. it has information that would be
beneficial to diabetics. also has a penpal section in the back if
one would be interested