Reviews For D Magazine


OMG, the reviewer below is a harsh critic of this magazine. Frankly, I love it, yes it's not the New Yorker, but Chr*st what is, it's just a fun read, dude. I enjoy the gossipy articles on the ends and out of Dallas, I know some of the people they write about and im amazed how accurate they are. I admit, I could not wait for the issue on the most expensive houses in dallas, or the best neighborhoods or the gossip on Mayor Miller. If this is not your kind of read, then dont buy the magazine, but for what it is..a really fun read every excels...the reviewer below needs to loosen up and not be so sanctimonious, the magazine is what it is and for that i am grateful, frankly, one New Yorker is enough.

All About Texas

The magazines are essential to knowing what is happening in Dallas and Texas in General.