Reviews For Classic Toy Trains Magazine

Slick Mag!

I subscribe to all the major tuner magazines, but the only one I look forward to receiving in my mailbox each month is Modified. The content is hard core, photos are excellent, and the overall layout and design of the magazine is by far the best of the group. These guys seem to really live and breath the sport compact performance scene - they have an edge the others don't - I will likely only renew this mag and let the others lapse.

Modified Mag is the $#!t

Sure, it doesn't have as many chicks as Super Street or Import Tuner, but Modified Mag somehow manages to get better feature cars and find better parts every single time. Not only is it awesome, but it is consistently awesome. Best tuner mag every - subscribe!


If you like tuner cars then you will like this! This magazine has great information and great pictures. They tell you about all the new parts, how u can get parts for cheap and how to install. I would also have to say this is the most attractive tuner magazine on the market. Great design Great pictures Great information Great magazine.