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Chihuahua Connection

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Chihuahua Connection features Chihuahua articles, Chihuahua dog show information, Chihuahua breeders, events, small dog shopping, Chihuahua rescue, Chihuahua clothes and more! Each issue provides information on teacups, AKC Chihuahua standards and AKC Chihuahua dog breeders. Not to be confused with chiwawa, or chiuaua. Each issue features information on health, training, recreation, rescue, dog show updates and even short stories. There are tons of pictures featured in each issue and all pictures in Chihuahua Connection are provided by readers. You'll find pictures of long hair, short hair and smooth coat Chihuahuas. If you love Chihuahuas, then Chihuahua Connection is the magazine for you!

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