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Charisma is packed with the latest news from a Christian perspective. It is filled with exciting testimonies about what God is doing in the lives of believers today along with teachings from well-known leaders and ministries

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Lukewarm enthusiasm for pop-religion journal

    I have read Charisma magazine for many, many years, and over those years my enthusiasm for this publication has waned, perhaps coinciding with my spiritual journey away from the more excessive fringes of the charismatic movement. Of course, what I consider the "fringes" (Word-faith theology especially) now unfortunately seems to be the charismatic mainstream. Charisma takes a far too uncritical stance when it comes to aberrant theology like Word-faith, and in some instances seems to have "sold out" to that particular interest. Sometimes the magazine does dare to take an unpopular stand, which is to its credit (like an article a few years...

    • Rating
    Mouthpiece for the modern charismatic renewal

    Charisma is a good source for news of the latest goings-on in the world of the contemporary charismatic movement. If you want to know what the televangelists are up to, where the latest revival is breaking out, or in what exciting and exotic ways the Holy Spirit is being manifested in this place or that, Charisma magazine is the place to look. Its usefulness pretty much ends there.

    The glossy advertisements for hotshot healing evangelists, success gurus and big-name ministries are simply nauseating to most outside the world of card-carrying Pentecostals and charismatics, and next to them, anything useful or sensible the editors might occasionally have...

    • Rating
    It is what it is

    As others have said, the best thing about "Charisma" is its news section and its reportage of religious persecution and political issues. They do a decent job there. However, it typically takes a pop "People" magazine approach and tone with the rest of its material. The Bible teaching, what little there is of it, is generally shallow and designed to sell magazines, stroke readers, or stir controversy.

    There is a definite bias towards the Word-Faith, Pentecostal, Arminian, feminist, faddish, "Prophetic Stream," prosperity, name-it-claim it crowd. Once upon a time, these emphases were not all that defined the larger Charismatic movement, but...

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