Reviews For Bowhunting Magazine

Bowhunting Heaven

Peterson Bowhunting is a great magazine for the pro deerhunting and the beginning bowhunter. There is lots of great articles in it. There is a lot of knowledge. The writers involved know what they are writing about.
The pictures are fun to look at. Not blurry or out of focus.
Even the advertising is appealing. I have been tempted to purchase products just from the advertising alone. I have purchased products that have been written about in the magazine though.
The tips included in each issue are a big plus. I have found some to really help me along with my hunting.
I also recommend that this magazine be bought for the very beginnner of bowhunting, you couldn't get a better tip magazine then Peterson's.


Any bow hunter needs this

If you have been bowhunting for years or if you are just starting out it doesn't matter, you will definitely learn a lot from Bowhunting. This magazine includes all kinds of information about hunting the most popular big game animal, the whitetail deer.

They give you details about the hunt and give you tips to use in the future. Besides just covering the hunts, which many magazines do. Bowhunting also covers equipment, they are always sure to let you know about the latest in bow hunting products.

To me this is the most important part since I want to be sure of my shot, and these tips help you be as accurate as possible.


The Know How of Know How

Bowhunting is a big sport in our family and we have subscribed to this magazine in the pass couple of years and plan to keep subscribing. The articles are interesting and educational.
The pictures are fun to look at and dream see that big buck hanging on our wall.
The tips involved are from all over. Some from experts, some from newcomers...but all are very interesting and informative.
At times they include recipes which have been clipped and kept in file.
Once, my husband even sent them a recipe and it was published. They are open to readers submitting works, pictures and recipes. So as a reader you also get involved with the magazines interior.
They are cheap for the quality.
Always on time...I never had a late subscription.
Plus, they have never gave me trouble about sending extra bills that some other sports magazines have in the pass.
If your a novice or an expert this is the magazine to get.


A Gift of Inspiration each Month............

This is a wonderful publication. The art featured is first rate. The text is well written and the color spreads are great. if you like a traditional to contemporary approach to painting I strongly recommend this magazine.If you paint you will find Western Art Collector is just what you need to kick-start your creative juices if you are in a slump. This magazine and its 'sister' publication American Art Collector prove that art is being created that will fill you with beauty, joy and hope. No dead sharks or the typical Art Forum 'artsy' work in these pages!

it worth the buck

its a great mag. with alot of stuff about hunting and 3D shooting all around it also have great stuff about recurve bows they also have good writers like Chuck Adams the only hunters in north amercan that had taking every big game animals they do have alittle to much adevertisemsnt but the have to pay the bills they also have a new product spot in the mag.i hope they keep up the good work for years to come