Reviews For Bird Watcher's Digest Magazine

For the Birds

This magazine is very enjoyable. It is easy to read, small (Reader's Digest) size and fits into my field jacket, fanny pack, and there is always room in my briefcase.

The articles are interesting and informative. Having read Kenn Kaufman's "Kingbird Highway" I was delighted to see that he is a regular contributor to BWD. When I was a beginning birder BWD helped me get oriented. I found the best guides, software, and places to watch birds. I follow the on-going, and serious, discussions on the pros and cons of feeding birds -- the cause of many bird deaths. Issues are important and BWD gives all sides. How else can one make good choices?

Pictures, maps, and, for me, informative advertising add to the wholesomeness of this magazine. The editor wrote "Bird Watching for Dummies," a good book for getting started.

The "Audubon" magazine accompanies this one very well.


Nice little magazine, interesting articles

Nice little magazine, interesting articles. Guide to help teach how to go bird watching.

Who Knew Birds Were So Interesting?

This magazine has been very informative and enjoyable for our family of bird watchers. The articles are usually educational or humorous, or both! Excellent photography. Topics might include not only birds but equipment for bird watching, awesome places to see specific birds and when, environmental issues or "laugh-out-loud" bird watching experiences. For the thinking bird watcher as well as the backyard bird feeder enthusiast. Try it!

a bit like a chickadee

With the size and appearance of a slimmed-down READER'S DIGEST, the less famous BIRD WATCHER'S DIGEST is a chirpy little optimist of a magazine not so very different from, say, a black-capped chickadee.

Short and moderate-sized articles cover specific species, how-to/techniques, choosing the right birding equipment, and joy-of-birding anecdotes.

Advertisements abound but do not overwhelm. Some are quite helpful.

BWD is a perky standard for birders both casual and serious.

so so

This magazine is just ok, so so, I've been getting it about a year now, it usually has something interesting in it,but not everything ,but there are some issues that are very good, and each article is very interesting, so it is sporadic as to how good each issue is.Some excellant, some just ok.